31 Oct 2013


Hey Everyone,

Last night I was lucky enough to go the 02 arena to see Jessie J live for the first time. I first heard of Jessie J on youtube a few year's ago when she was Jessica Cornish, no stage name, just her in her bedroom singing 'Big White Room'. I have followed her career ever since.

The show she put on was INSANE!!! I have been to a few concerts at the 02, but none quite like this one. I left feeling inspired, to continue working hard to succeed, not to strive for perfection because it doesn't exist, but to be a better me every day. The show highlighted Jessie's positivity and brought to light her talent that shines through her music, her incredible vocal ability but most importantly the message to be ALIVE. The message to A - feel awake,  L - learn to love, I - trust your instincts, V - know your values, and E - be your energy. 

From the stage production, to the outfits to the backing vocalists, everything was amazing. Something that really stood out for me and set this show apart from others I have seen, was the interludes during outfit changes. They were well created, thought out, and visualised.  Each part expressed the continuity of positivity through everything she does and I like that about her !!

(Photography: LILCDESIGNS) 

What I took away from this show was that nothing comes easy, nothing is easy, but nobody's perfect. We can chose to live or just get by, but whilst we are alive we should make the most of it. I hope that if you don't listen to Jessie J's music this opens your mind to her and her messages behind what she does, and helps you believe that anythings possible, no matter what obstacles come your way.

Happy Halloween!!

 Live Life Chase Your Dreams!
See you Saturday!!