15 Nov 2014

Fashion Favourites // November

Today I am going to share with you some of my Fashion Favourites from over the last couple of months. It has actually been a while since I have done a blog post of this nature and I felt it was about time, as I really love fashion. When I find clothes that I love to wear I thought why not share them with my readers

Maniere De Voir http://www.manieredevoir.com

I have only recently just come across Maniere De Voir Clothing and was instantly drawn to these 'Zip' style leggings. They come true to size and although they might not look it they are extremely comfortable. I love the fact you can alter and change the zips to suit different outfits or weather situations.
I think they are pretty awesome and they definitely go with everything and beat your average pair of leggings. 


Boohoo is one of my go to online stores. So I had to include Boohoo into my fashion favourites. So here are my most worn leggings in my wardrobe. I absolutely loved these 'black lace' style leggings. Again they go with everything and look great especially throughout the autumn time. You can wear them throughout winter with maybe a pair of neon/coloured leggings underneath to mix it up and keep warm throughout the season.

Who Clothing | http://www.whoclothing.com

Now if you have come across my blog before you would have seen me mention Who Clothing. Who Clothing along with USH Clothing are two of my favourite Independent clothing brands. The reason I go back to Who Clothing is simply because I love their designs and originality. They have great customer service, in fact when I ordered my latest T-Shirt I got a free pair of gloves and that was really cool because I needed some new gloves for the winter. 

Although it's getting colder throughout the days and nights here in London I have still been wearing my red supra shoes, which I absolutely love; since the day I got them. They are warm, comfortable and I can't feel the cold yet through these as they are quite insulated. I will be doing a fashion favourites/winter essentials post... coming soon.

Also before I sign out I just wanted to say 'Thank You' to those who watch my video's on YouTube or who check out my Blog as I've now hit 100,000 views on Google!

Live life and chase your dreams.
See you Thursday!

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