20 Nov 2014

Olloclip & Flipcase // Product Review #1

Today I am going to review a product that I have wanted to get for a while now and this product is the 'olloclip'. The 'olloclip' is an accessory for the I-Phone and is a great way to step up your creativity with Iphoneography and Instagram and much more. Allowing you to take pictures with different lenses, perspectives and depth of field. 


Olloclip Flip Case

My Photography using the Olloclip 

Although I have had the olloclip for a week or two I haven't actually had the chance to really use and explore the different lenses. As and when I do use and take more pictures with this accessory I will be doing an updated blog post on this. For now here are a few I took the other day. 

You can check out more information on the olloclip or purchase one for yourself on their official Website http://www.olloclip.com

Live life and chase your dreams.
See you Monday!

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