15 Feb 2014

Superhero Parties: Top Outfits for Men and Woman | Guest Post

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If you have any birthday's, hen party's or your just out to have fun then this is for you. 

Superhero Parties: Top Outfits for Men and Women

There’s no better way of injecting a little fun into a party than by incorporating a theme for guests to stick to, and what better theme than superheroes? It doesn’t matter how old you are, superheroes will have been a part of your life at some point; whether it was reading the comics when you were a kid, helping your own children to follow their superhero fantasies, or even through watching the blockbuster movies that continue to smash the box office. If you’re planning a fancy dress party, what better theme to use? Plus, with so many characters and interpretations available, your guests won’t have any problem choosing an outfit.

Whether you opt for one of the obvious, more prominent characters or you wish to show off your inner geekdom by recreating one of the lesser-known roles, the joy of a themed party is seeing everyone’s efforts come to life. Here are some awesome options for both men, and women, in case you’re a bit stuck for inspiration.

For the Guys

With some great value men’s fancy dress from George, you won’t have to go far, or spend much, to create an awesome outfit. While you could quite easily get carried away when it comes to men’s fancy dress, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Stick to the obvious, such as Batman or Superman if you’re on a budget – that way, all you’ll have to do is buy (or even hire) the outfit and you won’t have to worry about special effects make-up or fancy accessories.

Alternatively, step a little outside the box and be one of the evil villains, such as the Joker or the Riddler, just two of Batman’s arch-nemesis’. While you may need to be a little more creative to carry these guys off, it’s certainly not beyond the realms of possibility.
If you are feeling particularly daring and are up to the challenge, opt for a character that you won’t find on the fancy dress rails of George. Perhaps Deadpool would be right up your street? The possibilities are endless.

For the Girls

Girls have so much choice going with a sexy, sassy, girly or sophisticated look.
If you want to put a little thought into your outfit, there are plenty of options available.
You could opt for something simple yet effective, such as Wonder Woman or Bat Girl; off-the-rail outfits for these are available for affordable prices. Alternatively, be a little more adventurous in an all-in-one catsuit, made from Lycra or spandex, and become the ultimate cat burglar, Catwoman.
Perhaps Poison Ivy will leave you feeling particularly venomous, or a stint as Harley Quinn, Storm or Rogue would be more suitable? The choice is yours!

Half the fun is choosing and making your superhero outfit. Once that’s done and ready to go, it’s all about the party! Make the most out of the evening and enjoy a night of superhero proportions!

                                               Go have fun, dress up! 
Live life and chase your dreams.
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