4 Jan 2014

Introducing Dashkid! | Ambitious

Hey everyone,

Over the last few years of working within the music industry, I have come across some extremely talented people, people I believe in, who have huge potential to become successful. From music artists, to dancers, to behind the scenes videographers, I enjoy looking out for and supporting talented individuals. People I believe to have something special. So this next artist I am excited to introduce to you. 

'DASHKID' he is a young rapper/singer/songwriter from Kent. Dashkid first came onto the scene a few years ago and created a buzz, and started to really create a fan base. Due to personal issues he took some time away from the industry, he used this time to develop his music in the studio. He is now ready to come back this year and continue his journey to the top!

Today Dashkid released his highly anticipated single 'Ambitious'. I wanted to share this song with you because everyone who has ambitions needs to listen to this song as it speaks about the struggles some people face, and how it isn't always easy to pursue your dreams with things going on around and against you. Check it out below!
Dashkid is now back focused and ready to release brand new music for his fans #Dashers!

(Dash's Single Cover #Ambitious) 

This week Dashkid also released his website and brand new social media platforms, I feel Dashkid has come back with a strong and fresh image. His website is clean cut, simple and effective, and easy to navigate. As a designer I feel your website represents your brand, and it should demonstrate who you are and what you are about professionally and...  

You can check out Dash's website here http://dashkid.co.uk

Stay up to date with Dash's future realeases and career on twitter!! 

Live life and chase your dreams
See you Thursday