2 Jan 2014

2014 | What's To Come!

Hey everyone,

Happy New Year and welcome to 2014!

Today I am going to tell you guy's a little about my plans for the new year and the next few months.

So firstly I am going to tell you about a project some of you may have heard me talk about in a previous blog, which is Aspire To Inspire. Back in the summer last year I produced a one off magazine online 'Aspire To Inspire', which included interviews from artists such as Max Milner from the BBC show 'The Voice'. After the success of my magazine, I am now expanding this project, and producing a series of acoustic video's, interviews and live performances with some of the best talent's around the world! 

The concept behind Aspire To Inspire was not only give back to the people that support the artists, but to inspire our generation and the next to never give up on their dreams!!

Aspire To Inspire Acoustics will be the first part of my expansion. It is a series of acoustic video's with artists we believe are going to make an impact in the music industry this year. The series is set to be released every friday in february for a month. It will then be continued through out the year, I would love this project to really take off and become something, as I know it can! I know it may take time but Im hoping I can expand this project even further throughout the youtube community and do a series of interviewers with you-tubers at some point this year. This project is something I have believed in for a long time, and feel like 2014 is the year I can make it work. As well as this series, there will be a lot more content produced online for my youtube channel, and blog. This will include scripted short film's, new stop motions, animations, photo shoots, maybe some vlog's etc. 

Secondly I would like to talk to you all about the next two week's ahead as well as filming for the Aspire To Inspire Acoustics, I will be doing a photo shoot for my website, which I feel is well over due. As well as the photo shoot, I will be planning and looking to film my first short film/scripted visual piece which will be released on my youtube channel later this year. 
Lastly I would like to let you know that there will be a new lyric video released in the next two week's. I hope to continue to grow as a designer, and creative individual. I want to continue to learn, and be the best at what I do. I hope somewhere along the way I can Inspire other's with my work, and to let them know that life is about the journey and becoming the best 'You'. Lastly I would like to thank everyone for their support, there is a lot to come in 2014 Stay Tuned!!

Live life and chase your dreams! See you Saturday!