28 Dec 2013

The Best Of The Youtube 2013!!

Hey everyone,

So today I am going to share with you my top seven favourite youtube videos of this year! As a designer, editor, and lover of all things creative. I am always looking for inspiration, and creative content. So I have decided to curate what I believe to be the best of youtube 2013!!

Joey Graceffa | Storytellers 

So after thinking about this carefully I decided that the first thing, I should talk to you guy's about is new web series Storytellers. Storytellers is a web series created by you-tuber Joey Graceffa. After watching Joey Graceffa for a while now, I was excited to see the web series he had been working on through out the most part of the year finally launched. The series is set around a camp fire, whereby six friends take it in turns to tell their stories, the idea that there are stories within all of us. It has been described as a mixture of american TV Shows 'Skins' mets 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark' and so far I love it!! I think something like this would definitely be a hit on TV in the future. 

To make sure you don't miss the next episode which comes out tomorrow, subscribe to Joey's channel if you have not already, and leave a comment below and let me know what you think of the series. 

Subscribe to Joey to watch Storytellers http://www.youtube.com/user/JoeyGraceffa
Fun For Louis | Epic World Adventure

Epic World Adventure is another of my 'Best Of Youtube 2013 videos'. Louis Cole first became a popular hit on youtube for his channel, Food For Louis. He is now also known for his fun and adventurous lifestyle. Louis recently uploaded this video of his life this year in two minutes. I thought it was pretty incredible and it show's you how much you can do, If you go out there and do it. Louis is a great inspiration to living life to the max, and whilst I would rather not race across India on a rickshaw, or jump of waterfalls in Australia it is pretty cool to be able to watch his lifestyle and the things he gets up to. 

Why don't you enjoy life and live the adventure with Louis?

Emma Blackerry | Google Song 

Another one of the video's I wanted to share with you guys in my list is this one. Although I like to challenge stereotyping, as I believe anyone can strive to do anything they want. I do feel that there is truth in the statement that there are 'more male you-tubers then there are female'. Emma Blackerry however is one of the amazing female you-tubers online along with people such as Zoella. I have been watching and listening to Emma for a while now, her EP that was released earlier this year 'Distance' caught my attention and since then I have been interested to see Emma progress as a you-tuber and artist. Since then she has gone on to do gig's and so much more, but recently she realeased this song about Google and to no surprise it went viral! This comical/witty song to google about the changes it has brought to youtube was awesome. It really shows you the power behind youtube, and the impact changes on social media has on the people who make a living from producing videos online. 

You can support Emma and buy her 'Distance EP' on iTunes here!! https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/distance-ep/id675100114

Bertie Gilbert | A Stray Dog

Bertie Gilbert is one of the youngest you-tubers I watch, and I believe his content is unique and he has an incredible talent,within film making and editing. I particularly like the way he does his 'Interview' video's they are well scripted, and clever. Earlier this year he released a short film 'A Stray Dog'. It is a great short film about time travel, being young and subconsciousness. The cinematography in this is beautiful, and really sets the scene of the story. Great production and all round really interesting creative content.

If you do not know about Bertie Gilbert, I suggest you check out his channel as he is incredibly talented. 

JacksGap | I have a secret & Finn's Revenge. 

If you read my blog you will know I have a lot of appreciation for Jack and Finn Harries from the channel JacksGap, so it was only right that I included them in this list. As well as their current content and series 'The Rickshaw Run', Jacksgap have also produced, some other amazing content, that I feel deserves to be in this list. 


The basic concept between both video's was the idea that 'Finn the twin' wasn't real and that the whole time it had been a lie. Jack wasn't really a twin and 'Finn' was computerised and digitally put into all their videos/pictures and therefore 'Finn' was fake. 

Though Finn is actually real despite the advances of technology to prove he isn't in the first of these two videos, it is this kind of content that really opens your eyes to the world of the internet and the word 'Trust'.  As many of us spend time watching these people online, it is an obvious question as to 'Do we really know them?' or 'Is what we see real?'. Most you-tubers only show aspects of their lives they want to portray online, and I think this was a really clever way of portraying that we don't know the people we watch like we think we do. I am looking forward to see the direction Jack and Finn continue to take their channel as they always produce amazing content. 

Ben Brown | Visual Vibes

Ben Brown is one you-tuber which I feel is the 'Least Known' in my list of 'The Best of Youtube 2013'. Ben Brown similar to Joey, and Louis is a vlogger, however as well as vlogs he produces videos known as 'Visual Vibes'. Visual Vibes are a collage of footage edited together to portray places he has visited creatively. This Visual Vibe video of Orlando, really caught my eye as about three year's ago I was actually there. So It was a nice trip down memory lane and great to relive/experience this amazing part of the world. 

Join Ben on his Visual Vibes and subscribe to his channel! You can also check out his Clothing Line which I think is really awesome!

Benjamin Cook | Becoming Youtube 

Lastly but certainly not least is 'Becoming Youtube'. So about a year ago Benjamin Cook, did a documentary series on youtube known as 'Becoming Youtube', which has been one of my favourite series to date, so even though technically it wasn't started in 2013 I decided to put it in my 'Best Of Youtube' list anyway. The concept behind 'Becoming Youtube' was the idea that many people that watch "Famous' youtubers to this day want to become like them, to be 'Internet Famous' and be popular amongst the youtube community.

This exact series lead me to do a lot of thinking, and to understand the world of the internet in more depth. It also inspired me to write a script of which I will put into a video sometime next year. I love video's and content that have a bit more depth and field to them rather then people just putting a video online for the 'fun' of it. 

I would love for you to comment on this post and let me know what you have been loving online this year, whether it be your favourite youtube video to your favourite book! Let me know! 

Happy New Year, Live life and chase your dreams!
See you Thursday

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