14 Nov 2013


Hey everyone,

So as you all know I love music! So today I am going to give you a review on an album I have been loving this month! Hip hop artist Jake Miller's debut album 'Us Against Them" which within an hour of being released went to number three on I-tunes passing Drake's album "Nothing Was The Same". 

(Photography taken from: http://instagram.com/jakemillermusic)

As expected the album experiments with Jake's Pop/Rap sound, and implements his talents. It is an all round feel good album, and great music. Jake talk's about his life before and now, and all that comes with the success, and how grateful he is to be doing what he loves doing everyday. Something I feel that artists sometimes forget when they become "Famous".

My favourite tracks from Jake's album are "Puppet", "My Couch" "Number One Rule" and "Homeless". Jake's track "Puppet" talks about the downsides to living his dream and working in the music industry, and what most stars go through that people don't necessarily see. The struggle between finding time for his girlfriend and friends, and the reality of working with a record label, missing home, and always being on the road. 

Jake's track "Number One Rule" talk's about not settling for anything less then you deserve "My number one rule is never be number two, number two". This optimistic and positive track show's the kind of artist Jake is, and the determination and motivation he has to succeed in what he is doing, and how far he has come. 

Jake's track "Homeless" is one of my favourites because for me there is nothing like Acoustic Music! This song is just Jake and an acoustic guitar it starts off with a melodic instrumental, and then goes on to show off Jake's vocal talents, acoustically.

And lastly but not at all least is Jake's song "My Couch" which is proving popular on Jake's current tour, with the "Millertary". This song is a fun song, about kicking it at home and chilling out rather then going out with everyone else, which is what most people our age enjoy doing. However this song caught my attention as I love nothing more then to chill out, and relax!! 

Jake's album is a positive insight into the music industry, and into the lives of young people with big dreams, and ambitions and the struggle of trying to achieve them in the world we live in. Jake is a breathe of fresh air in terms of the music industry, I feel he isn't like many other artists out there if any at all. He tells inspirational stories through his lyrics, based on his experiences and really high lights the importance of life, and the things we should appreciate.

If you want to know more about Jake you can also check my previous blog ( http://myworldmylifelilc.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/jake-miller-music-review.html )

You can also watch the lyric video I created for Jake Miller's single "Collide" which I previously blogged about below.

Like what you've read? Then you can buy your copy of Jake's album here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/us-against-them/id726127787

You can also follow Jake on Twitter https://twitter.com/jakemillermusic
As well as checking out his website where you can buy tickets to see him on his current tour at http://www.jakemiller.com/ and you can follow him on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/JakeMillerMusic and become a part of the “Millertary.”

Live life and chase your dreams!!
See You Saturday