16 Nov 2013


Hey everyone,

As you may know I have partnered with USH, UK Unsigned Hype to create a brand new Independent Clothing Line. 

USH, stands for Unity-Solidarity-Hope. Three words which we believe are positive and inspiring! Unite Together-Stand Strong-Never Give Up Hope. 
UK Unsigned Hype is a platform for up and coming artists to showcase their talents on stage, our live show's run at the end of every other month, and we have had previous performances from artists such as Rough Copy, N-Dubz, Connor Harris, Sam Callahan and lots more.
USH helps performers to keep dreaming, keep trying and to keep believing in their self, because anything is possible! We handpick our performers and treat them as individuals, rather than numbers. This ensures that you the audience get to listen to some of the UK’s hidden gems.

So far with our clothing line we have had support from a variety of artists, Luke Friend, Nicholas Mcdonald, and Sam Callahan from this year's X-Factor. As well as other artists such as DJ Ironik and Fugative. I have always wanted to have my own clothing line, and having been part of USH for a while, it seemed like a good partnership to make and a way of promoting the good work USH do. 

Good luck to the three guy's; Luke, Nicholas and Sam for tonights X-Factor!! We at #USH are wishing you all the best of luck with the show. 

You can purchase your #ushclothing here http://ukunsignedhype.bigcartel.com

and stay up to date with the brand on twitter https://twitter.com/ushclothingline

Live life and chase your dream's!
See You Thursday