7 Nov 2013

Do You Exist At All?

Hey everyone,

I interviewed artist Katie Wilkinson for my magazine Aspire To Inspire earlier this year as part of my Graphic Design Degree. This week I took the opportunity to work with Katie again on a music video for her song "Do You Exist At All". As you may know, I am always up for learning new things and decided I wanted to expand my editing skills further. Charley Jean, an up and coming Photography Artist, supported me as my interviewer for Aspire To Inspire, and this time around she was the videographer for Katie's official music video for the song "Do You Exist At All". 

After receiving the video footage, I started the process of editing. I have previously used software such as I-Movie and Final Cut Pro X when editing videos for various projects, however for this project I decided to continue using Premiere Pro. This is the early stages of my career in terms of editing music video's, however I am going to pursue and practise this side of editing. I have scripted and written many pieces that I will be filming, editing and showcasing on my Youtube channel over the next couple of months. I am creative and I want to show that I can adapt and try anything that is given to me, and I am not your average designer, there's a lot more to me, and a lot more I can give. 

You can read the Aspire To Inspire magazine/interview here http://lilcdesigns.uberflip.com/i/133584
and watch Katie's music video below!!

You can also follow Katie on her journey https://twitter.com/K_WilkinsonUK

Live life and chase your dreams!!!
See you Saturday

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