24 Oct 2013

It all starts with self belief!!

Hey Everyone!!

For the past few years having been working within the music industry, I have been aware of the growth of the company SBTV. Founder of SBTV Jamal Edwards recently hit newspaper headlines "Youth TV Channel zooms to 8M" as he has just signed a deal with Sony RCA to start his own record label. Previously in August 2011, Jamal featured on his own google chrome advert, among the likes of Justin Bieber, and Lady GAGA. He has also written a serious of six ebooks, and had over 189 million hits on his youtube channel as well as achieving so much more success, at such a young age. 

For those of you that do not know, North London born Jamal Edwards who is in his early twenties started SBTV seven years ago when he was just 15 years old. When he was gifted with a camera for christmas. SBTV is now a global media enterprise, with a strong production team. 

I want to explain why it is important to use what you have, and not let lack of equipment stop you from achieving success. Jamal started out with just him and his camera, he would go out and about in London filming the talent in his area, as well as his friends. He started with the Grime Scene, and artists such as Chip, WIley, Dizzy Rascal and more. He now works with everyone from Jessie J, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran to David Cameron and Richard Branson. 

Earlier this year Jamal also brought out a series of six ebooks "Self Belief The Vision", to help others out there who want to be the best at what they do and how to be successful in the industry. I particularly enjoyed reading these books and did each task that was set in the books, which indeed did lead me to a few opportunities that I believe I perhaps wouldn't have thought of, if I hadn't read these books. 

What I have learnt over the last year, and particularly been inspired by Jamal's story, is that anything can happen, and you can do anything! You just have to put yourself out there and believe in yourself! If you believe in yourself, other's are more likely to believe in you and what you do.
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I hope Jamal continues to strive and succeed and inspire our generation. I would love to work with him or interview him in the future.

You can keep up to date with Jamal on twitter: https://twitter.com/jamaledwards
See you Saturday!!!
 Live life and chase your dreams!!