26 Oct 2013

Career Update!!

Hey Everyone,

One of the projects I have been working on this week was with Australian Independent Singer/Songwriter Elliot Hamilton Brown. After completing the lyric video for his single "As I Go", I was then asked to do an album sampler for his debut album 'Empyrean'. 

Having not done this before, I was excited to start this project. This project brought up new challenges, and allowed me to teach myself new skills. I started with learning how to cut the album track's up, in order to make the sampler audio. Then I imported the audio into Adobe After Effects, and went from there to create the particle background, and transitional text. I learnt a lot about sound engineering in general and more about Adobe Premiere Pro on this project. As ever I love trying something new!

After uploading the video to youtube, I then had to use annotations, to make the video even more interactive. Elliot's album 'Empyrean' comes out on the 31st October. You can Pre Order it here: https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/empyrean/id715252262. There are three track's that I really love on this album and they are 'As I Go', 'All My Love', and 'Lonely Life'. When working with lyric video's and music it really helps if you love the songs as you play them again and again.

'As I Go' and 'All My Love', are upbeat tempo tracks. 'Lonely Life' is a nice contrast it start's with a melodic instrumental, and easing vocals. This track is for those that have been in love, or had their heart broken and definitely one I would recommend off the album! 

You can watch the album sampler below.

See you Thursday!!!
 Live life and chase your dreams!!