25 Sep 2014

Southbank SAVED!!

So today I wanted to talk about something that you may or may not already know about. I previously did a blog post on the LLSB campaign as it was something I felt strongly about. The LLSB campaign was about the preserving and keeping a part of London's urban history... that being the Southbank. As you can tell by the title I am happy to announce that Southbank has been SAVED and we have won the campaign to keep our place to play and the history. 

After 17 months of campaigning, it is exciting to know that for the foreseeable future the long term home of British skateboarding and other urban activities has been saved. As a community and generation, we had the power to use a campaign for something we believed in and that lead us to save a part of history for us and future generations. I think that in itself is an incredible achievement and I am glad I was able to document, sign the petition and just be a small part of this. 

You can watch the video that I did for the "Long Live the Southbank' and you can also check out my previous blog.

Previous blog 'LLSB Campaign!

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