20 Sep 2014

Introducing 11:11 Music | ATI

Hey everyone,

Over the last few years of working within the music industry, I have come across some extremely talented people and this is one of the many reasons I started my web series Aspire To Inspire. 

Four boy's, one dream, one band 11:11! I first heard about 11:11 from my one of my colleagues and from hearing about them and listening to their music, I was very interested in working with them. I think this band have something different, something any other band hasn't quite had before. I am excited to see them grow, evolve and succeed. 

You can keep up to date with the guy's and follow their career below! 

Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | I-Tunes | Soundcloud 

You can watch their interview for Aspire To Inspire here!

Live life and chase your dreams.
See you Saturday!

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