19 Dec 2013

A Race Across India | JacksGap

Hey everyone,

Hope you are all getting sorted with your Christmas shopping and mince pies! Today I am going to blog about one of the best video's I have seen on youtube in sometime. One of my most popular blog post's to date, was the one I did three months ago on youtube creators Jack and Finn Harries, from the channel JacksGap. 

Back in September, Jack, Finn and five friends set off to India to raise money for The Teenage Cancer Trust. After twenty-six hour's of travelling, they were preparing to travel 2000 miles across the whole of India in a rickshaw, in just under three weeks. Their campaign finished yesterday and they raised a total of $177,000+ for charity. This is an incredible achievement and it shows us the positivity that can be achieved with online success. It truly demonstrates how powerful the media and social media are.Since getting back three months ago Jack, Finn and the team have been editing a four part series of their journey.  The series so far highlights the cultural differences between London and India. Part one show's the start of the struggles they were to face in the two week's that lay ahead in this adventure. Part two is where the race continues and is left on a cliff hanger as the guy's travel through extreme conditions to get to their next destination.

(No copyright Intended. Photo's Belong to Harry Crowder 2013 http://www.harrycrowderphotography.com)

The series is extremely well edited, and extremely intriguing to watch! It show's a true bond and adventure between friends, and most importantly raising money for a great cause. I am excited to see how they progress through the rest of the series. It is amazing to see that content like is produced for us all to watch and that such platforms like youtube, can provide us with such high quality series. These two young men are just a few of many inspiring people creating really cool content, and giving back by supporting Charities.  

Subscribe to their youtube channel if you aren't already, watch the rest of the series and make sure you become a part of their incredible journey! 
Live life and chase your dreams! See you Saturday.

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