28 Nov 2013

My Three Favourite Music Vids This Year!!

Hey everyone,

So today I am going to share with you my top three favourite music videos of this year!! As a designer, editor, and lover of music and all things creative. I do love to check out the latest music vids! 

So after thinking about this carefully, I put together my top three. So my favourite body of work this year in terms of creativity and originality has to be Katy Perry's music video and lyric video to her single 'Roar'. It's so artistic and illustrative, and combines our world, with nature, and the 'animal kingdom' theme. It's vibrant, magical, and cleverly done, it really brings out the meaning of the song and at the same time provides some comical elements. Combining the unrealistic with the realistic, like when she paints the elephants toes, or when she's brushing the crocodiles teeth. 

Katy Perry | Roar 

Also up there with Katy Perry's work is the One Direction video to their single 'Story Of My Life'.

One Direction | Story Of My Life 

Ben Winston's shows plenty of originality in his direction of this One Direction video. Originality allows you to be yourself, and use your own ideas, rather then doing what everybody else has done, being different! This video show's an insight into the guy's lives when they were young and it is a journey through their childhood. As a keen video editor I am always looking at music video's and how they are edited together, and genuinely believe this is one of the coolest concepts I've seen. Rather then just looking through albums, and old pictures, they step into the frames and go back to that moment in time as an adult. One of my favourite Ben Winston pieces of work, this one definitely shows how advanced technology is now!

Jake Miller | Collide

Of course I had to put Jake Miller in my top three not only because this has to be one of the most played record's on my Ipod this year but because Jake's director Edgar is incredibly talented. I've seen Edgar's projects grow, and have always loved his work but this has to be one of the best edited video's I've seen this year. I hope to one day be able to achieve something like this, if not better!

Live life and chase your dreams!!
See you Saturday.