10 Oct 2013

Music Matter's

MUSIC!! It plays a major role in my life, and probably yours too! After reading Zoella's blog (http://www.zoella.co.uk) I wanted to share my view's on music. 

One of my favourite places to visit, and a place that holds so many amazing memories for me is The 02 in London. This week on Tuesday 8th October, I went to see Bruno Mars live at the 02. 

I've seen Bruno Mars live many times through out the years, but never at the 02 arena. The show was incredible, and it really showed how much of a musician and performer Bruno is. There was no over staged production, and no gimmicks, just amazing vocals and an all round feel good show. 

Generally,the thing I love about music is that it can change your mood almost instantly, it can take you away from life and the world and into your own world, it's all round feel good. 

If I'm not writing music then I'm listening or singing to it,  I love songs that are relatable that tell a story and that's why I listen to most of the music I do. The one thing I love about music is that it is universal and it has no barriers, it can touch anyone anywhere in the world. It connects people and brings people together, it allows people to find common interests and share memories. Music also allows you to express yourself and how your feeling, whether that's for your self to hear/read or for you to share with others that have been in the same or similar situations. 
(Photography: LILCDESIGNS)

See you Saturday!!