20 Jun 2015

staying creative tips!

I have just got back from a little trip to Paris so I thought I would do a blog on creative tips and share some of mine. So enjoy!

Five Creative Tips.

As a creative myself, I have picked up a few lessons over the years and rather then put them into a lessons learnt blog, I thought I would put them into my top six. 

1. Fuel feeds creativity.

2. Use every door that closes as a chance too open a better one.
3. Every ‘no’ you get on your journey, eventually leads to bigger yes down the road.  
4. The path your on now may not be the same one you are on next week, but every path leads to somewhere greater and eventually you end up somewhere beyond your imagination. 

5. Do something small everyday. Keep working. You are only as good as you want too be. 

6. Work hard, stay humble and keep progressing in every aspect of life, it all comes together eventually.

Live life and chase your dreams!
See you Monday

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