30 Oct 2014

Dream Cars & Celebrities! | Guest Post

Always had a dream car? Well perhaps if you had the money you would chose to invest in this car just like the following celebrities. These celebrities just love their cars, so much so that combined their car collections are worth many hundreds of millions. Let’s look at some of them. Before purchasing any vehicle you should make sure you’re insured properly no matter what car you’re driving!

Mr Bean - aka Rowan Atkinson
Rowan Atkinson, the comedy actor who played Mr Bean, is said to have amassed a fortune of around £65 million and it’s no secret that he has spent a good deal of money on cars. Until recently he owned a McLaren F1 but according to reports since his much publicised accident in it, which it is reported cost his insurance company £930,000 he has now sold it. His collection includes several Aston Martins, a Bentley Mulsanne, a few Rolls Royces, a Lancia Delta Integrale, a Honda Civic Hybrid, an Audi A8, a Mercedes-Benz 500E and until recently a McLaren F1.

(Disclaimer - Images found on Google and edited by me)

Nick Mason from Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd’s drummer Nick Mason is known for his love of cars and motorsport. He has even driven in the Le Mans 24 hours race. His favourite car is his Ferrari 250 GTO, of which only 36 were ever built; it is said to be worth between £16 million and £30 million. Other cars in his collection include a Jaguar D-Type,a Maserati 250F, a Bugatti Type 35, a 1931 Alfa Romeo 8C, a Porsche 962, a Ferrari Enzo, a Ferrari 312 T3, a Ford Model T and a McLaren F1 GTR. 

Ralph Lauren - Designer
Ralph Lauren the fashion designer is a multi-billionaire with a famous love of cars so it should be no surprise that his collection is far too extensive to list. It includes around 70 models some of which are exceedingly rare and valuable. Some gems from his collection include a classic Ferrari 250 GTO, a pair of Ferrari 250 Testa Rossas, a Mercedes 300SL, a Lamborghini Reventón, a Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic, three McLaren F1s, a Porsche 997, and a 1929 Blower Bentley.

Jerry Seinfeld - Actor
The comedy actor Jerry Seinfeld loves cars, but most of all he loves Porsches. In fact he loves them so much that he has amassed a collection of what has been estimated to be 46 of them. It is the second biggest collection of Porches in the world; the biggest collection being owned by Porsche. His collection includes several 911s, ten Boxsters, a 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder and a Porsche 959 of which only 337 were built. He even has a show called comedians in cars getting coffee.

Live life and chase your dreams.
See you Saturday!

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