26 Sep 2013

Jacks Gap Rick Shaw Run (Teenage Cancer Trust)

Hey everyone,

Today I am posting about two youtube sensations you may or may not of heard about! So as you all know being a part of this generation sufficiently involves the role of social media and what an impact it has for us and the power it can have. This month I saw more benefits towards social media, as I admit it has many flaw's. 

As a bit of a social media addict, I do watch a lot of youtube video's, two people I have grown to love for their creative content is Jack and Finn Harries, from the channel JacksGap. I started watching JacksGap from the very first video Jack posted, I came across this channel because at the the time I was interested in vlogging, and was looking for peoples first vlogs to gain inspiration and idea's to start up my own channel "Onesie Days". 

This is when I discovered my love for youtube, and watching creative content, and which is why I now run my motion graphics channel "LILCDESIGNS" which I am looking to expand, as I love editing. 

So the reason I saw the benefits of social media this month, was because two week's ago Jack, Finn and five friends (Louis,Max,Ben,Harry, & Will) set off for India, to take part in The Rickshaw Run in order to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust. The Rickshaw Run is a charity rally driving from one side of India to the other, in a Tuk Tuk (a three wheeled motorbike, which you see in the bottom right picture). 

Having been inspired with what they decided to do for charity, I felt it was only right that I supported in some way, by making a donation and supporting them on my blog. In just over a week, they managed to raise over £100,000 which is incredible. It is so nice to see that the community of youtube, was able to do something that made a difference to other people's lives. I for one am all about helping other's.

I think that you-tubers or anyone with a high social network status, should give back and use their power to do better for the community and the world we live in as Jack & Finn have done, with this project. I hope to see the twin's carry on doing good and giving back, and I would love to work with them on something in the future. 

If you would like to donate to Teenage Cancer Trust then you can do so here http://www.prizeo.com/prizes/jacksgap/a-london-rickshaw-run-experience

You can follow them on Twitter: Jack  https://twitter.com/jacksgap 

LC xx

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